Candidate for National Committee Person

Yasmine Mohamed

Hello to whomever is reading this,

My name is Yasmine Mohamed and this is my letter of intent to run for the National Committee Person for Colorado Young Democrats. I am a freshman at the Metropolitan State University of Denver where I study industrial design and sociology. I am the Education Director for Arapahoe Young Democrats, where I gather non biased information to bring to our chapter so we can fully examine policy to ensure all of our endorsements are for the right people/policy. Before I took this position I have served on Aurora’s Youth Commission, where I helped engage young people in volunteer work for the city. I also served on Aurora’s Human Relations Commission. For three years I was on Colorado’s Youth Advisory Council, serving as chair for two of those years. I have also been an intern for the African Community Center of Denver and the ACLU of Colorado. When I look at Colorado I think of hope for a better future. There are so many amazing people in our party doing such important work, and I would be honored to further contribute to that work. I know that our state can do a better job at inclusion and communication for our Young Democrats. If I was elected to the board, my main priority would be inclusion of marginalized communities. As a young woman of color this is an issue that I cannot ignore. I know the feeling of being tokenized and how damaging it is, especially when these decisions can be life or death for marginalized communities!! My next priority would be recruitment and retainment of participation for young people aged 16-22. I know that many chapters have a hard time recruiting and keeping people in that age bracket involved with the party. I think that this issue is something that is vital to the Blue Wave! When Audre Lorde said, “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own”, it resonated with me beyond belief. If I am lucky enough to receive your vote, I will promise you that I will never forget the words of Audre Lorde, and I will raise the voices of these marginalized communities so everyone is heard. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Yasmine Mohamed


Candidates for At-large Board Member

(listed by date LOI was submitted)

Jordan Hohenstein

Dear Colorado Young Dems,


I, Jordan Daniel Hohenstein, am hereby declaring my intent to run for an At-Large Board position for Colorado Young Dems. I am pursuing this position because I believe that my occupancy in this role would be a beneficial and logical addition to Colorado Young Dems, given my prior and current experience.


Last year at twenty-six years old, I ran an energizing and highly publicized political campaign to win the At-Large Arvada City Council seat. I was a Run For Something endorsed candidate, (one of only 72 in the entire country), and I earned a record-breaking vote for a first-time Jefferson County candidate. In addition to the knowledge attained by being a candidate and the political director of my campaign, I also behold volunteer experience working on both of the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns, and I am currently a Precinct Committee Person and Captain At-Large for the Jefferson County Democratic Party. I am also the current Political Director for Jeffco Young Dems, and I believe that my experience in this position can be beneficial to Colorado Young Dems.


It would be an honor to serve and assist the efforts of the Colorado Young Dems during this ever-so-important time in modern political history.


Thank you,

Jordan Hohenstein



Emma Donahue

Dear Fellow Colorado Young Democrats,

It has been an honor to serve on the Colorado Young Democrats board for the last two years, including the last 8 months as chair.  I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished together and am running for reelection to continue to grow the organization and represent young people across the state.

In the last two years CYD has expanded the number of chapters around the state.  It is exciting to see chapters in Weld, Larimer, and El Paso counties in addition to the many chapters we’ve built in more Democratic-leaning areas of the state.  While continuing to start new chapters is always a goal of CYD, over the past few months I’ve spent more time ensuring chapters we’ve started have continued to grow and thrive, work I wish to continue.  I know we always say that this is the most important election year, but the stakes are truly high in 2018.  We must retake the State Senate, elect a new Democratic Governor, hold the state house, and take seats in Congress to help retake the national house of representatives.  Change is being lead by young people and CYD and our local chapters will be leading the way in this election.

In the next two years I want to strengthen our local chapters with more training on how to lobby legislators, how to support candidates and how to ensure chapters continue to grow.  We also need to reach out to more progressive unaffiliated young people, now a large voting bloc, and work to bring them into the party infrastructure.  During our last term, CYD created a handbook for new chapters and I want to expand on that handbook this year; we need to make sure the state organization can outlast our individual board members.  Building on the training that previous chairs started, I would like to offer quarterly meetings and trainings for local chapter leaders.

We have also continued to create interesting events for attendees across the state, including a district attorney candidate forum, our legislative showdown, and I look forward to more forums and debates as the primary season continues.  CYD has worked to bring the issues important to our generation to our elected leaders and candidates and I hope I have the opportunity to continue to serve you in this way as well.

Thank you for your consideration and I ask for your vote for a 2nd term.

Emma Donahue


Emily Sheridan

CYD Members,

I am writing to express my interest in running for an at large board position on the Colorado Young Democrats board. If elected to an at large position, I would like to focus my attention on new chapter development and chapter revitalization.

My previous experiences as an active young democrat include representing myself and my peers at the county, state, and national level. I have balanced making my own voice heard and collaborating with and amplifying the voice of others. My previous service includes:


  • Serving on the Boulder County Democrats Executive Committee; participating in monthly meetings and working to make sure that issues impacting young people were considered.
  • Participating as a delegate to the Young Democrats of America Conventions in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Dallas, where I was able to meet and collaborate with activists from across the county.
  • Reinvigorating the CU-Young Democrats as the President for 2 years, organizing events surrounding issues that impacted our students including; healthcare (in an event where Senator Bernie Sanders attended), tuition costs, campus sexual assault, issues of choice, and the legalization of cannabis. When I took over, the CU Dems had 6 active members, when I left the group we had an active student base of over 20 students.
  • Founding the Boulder County Young Democrats, who had the largest kickoff in Colorado Young Democrats history with seventy people in attendance.
  • Traveling during my one term as National Committee Person for the Colorado Young Democrats; attending national and regional conferences, coordinating with various initiatives on issues effecting young Dems nationwide.
  • Lobbying in DC during YDA’s lobby event for issues that effect young people such as affordable housing, healthcare, student debt and caring for the environment
  • Coordinating the 2016 caucus on CU’s campus, ensuring that it started on time and that each of the over 1,000 students who attended had their voices heard.


I hope to keep this momentum and continue to help chapter set up and stay active.

I have a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Colorado-Boulder in Evolutionary Ecology and Biology with a certificate in Public Health. I currently work for the State of Colorado as a software trainer for the Department of Revenue and live in Denver.

I hope to work with the Colorado Young Democrats to help progress the state forward.


Emily Sheridan