Colorado Young Democrats Election Notice 
The Colorado Young Democrats would like to announce our elections for 2019. This year CYD has 4 board seats open for a two-year term. 1 National Committee Person position for a two-year term. Also, due to a recent resignation of a board member we will be electing 1 board position for a 1-year term.
To apply for a board position please submit a letter of intent by 11:59 on April 15th, 2019. All letters will be posted on the CYD website for voters to review. Terms are 2 years from date of election to no later than May 1st, 2021 (unless specifically noted). CYD does not elect new board members to specific positions. Everyone who is interested in running for a position is placed on the ballot. The number of positions open will determine how many people are elected. The top vote getters in each catagory will be elected to the board. Once the board is elected positions will be determined by the new board. The only required position on the board is the Chair. All other position titles and responsibilities will be determined by the board.
• Must be a member of the Colorado Young Democrats.
• National committee person has additional requirements that are explained below
Requirements for CYD Membership 
• Be a registered voter in the State of Colorado and be registered as a Democrat.
• Individuals must be between 16-35 for the full duration of the term.
Positions available
1 National committee person
2 year term expiring at the latest May 1st, 2021.
This position is one of 3 representatives to the Young Democrats of America (YDA) and a voting member of YDA. Must be able to attend 3 YDA conference around the country per year. Under YDA rules national committee people have to be of opposite gender identities. The other national committee person for CYD who is not up for election identifies as female. In order to be eligible to run for this position you can’t identify as female.
4 Board Positions
2 year term expiring at the latest May 1st, 2021.
These positions are open to all members of the Colorado Young Democrats. Board title and duties will be determined by the board after the election. Common board positions have been: Vice-Chair, Secretary, Finance, Communications, Campaign and Policy etc. Board has full discretion to create any positions they feel would support the organization.
1 Board Position 
1 year term, expiring at the latest May 1st, 2020.
This position will be the same as the other board positions up for election except for the shorter board term. This position is up for election due to a recent resignation by a board member. The board decided that instead of the board appointing a replacement we would add this position to the election already happening.
Important Dates and How to apply
April 2nd- Election Announced April 15th- Letter of Intent due to CYD. Emailed to Chair Emma Donahue at April 22nd-28th-Online Voting. April 27-28th. In person voting at CYD State Convention. Location TBD
In your letter of intent please specify which position category you are applying for either National committee person, board member for 1 year term or board member for 2 year term.
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