José Silva

José has been an advocate for youth, education and the community for over 20 years, serving as a Political and Education Consultant helping to develop curriculum, testifying before congress on College Access in 2003, and as a foot soldier knocking doors to get those that support the greater good elected.

Throughout his tenure José has pursued Policy and Educational practices that would not only set higher standards for Denver’s minority populations, but increase their capacity to be at the forefront of reform and success. José co-wrote the Youth Leadership Development Curriculum (The Piton Foundation) for the Beacons after school program as a sophomore in college which was implemented across the country in 5 states including Denver’s own Rishel, Lake and Cole middle schools. The youth served were from low income and predominately single family homes.

In 2000, José moved to West Oakland, California to be the Program Director for the Quilombo after school program that served 300 kids daily, most of which came from crack addicted families that were involved very little in the IEP process or Educational goals set by himself and school leadership.

In 2004, José moved to Washington, D.C. where José organized and raised over 20 million dollars to increase the college enrollment rate among low-income students. José put himself through school by working in the education and the non-profit sectors here in Colorado for over 18 years. This was done by creating a metrics and a national movement around College Access. When José was asked to testify before the United States Congress, he brought answers to the problems and they listened. Today College Summit is in 13 states and has over sixty three thousand alumni with a four year college graduation rate of 89%.

At 23 years old, José ran for the DPS School Board and again as a much matured 27 year old, to be able to organize and bring energy to communities that have been forged to accept what is and change what can be, that’s his calling. José has organized, volunteered and brought together communities, religious groups, gang members and political foes. In 2010, José ran for Colorado State Representative of his House District and came very close to breaking the old guards grip on local political positions – the fight continues.

In 2010, José founded Metrix Consulting and Research Group, during the 2010-2011 Election Cycle we went 6-1. He recently was the Political Director for the Pleitez for Congress Race in East LA where we forged an aggressive campaign and spoke directly to the voters.

His time in San Diego, Oakland, LA, D.C. and Denver has given me the national experience and exposure that is needed to represent Colorado on the CYD executive board. José has committed the last 20 years of his life to his community and will continue to do so for decades to come.

José is currently working on a Leadership Institute to take place in June of 2013, running candidates for office under 40, and working on the creation of many Education projects such as Schools, Parent Engagement and legislative causes.