Candidates for CYD Board | CYD April 2020 Election

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Meet The Candidates For CYD Board

CYD is in the midst of its April 2020 election. Balloting will open later this week, but we wanted to make sure that everyone had an opportunity to meet the candidates who are running to help shape the future of the Colorado Democratic Party.

Voting is open to all members of CYD. CYD members are registered Colorado Democrats between the ages of 16-36. To register, click here.

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Voting is open between 9:00 AM May 29th and 11:59 PM May 31st. Click here to cast your ballot.

Candidates for CYD Board

Justin Aragon

I’m writing this to declare my intent to apply to be a candidate in the election for the At-Large Board Position seat that is available. Recently joining the Youth Democrats I want to be a full-fledged member of the organization representing my community. My aspiration is to work my hardest to achieve as many positions as possible to progress in the democratic party to gain knowledge. Gaining this position for the year would be a stepping stone in the initial step to gaining a respected group of acquaintances and colleagues that’ll be able to work towards the future.

Currently, I attend the Univesity of Colorado Boulder where I double major in Economics and Sociology. My studies are a backbone in my community-driven idea of joining the democratic party and eventually becoming a well-respected member serving my community. I intend to be a candidate in the election for the 5 at-large board position seats to further my ability to serve the community and advance in the democratic party.

Tay Anderson

Please allow this email to serve as my letter of intent to run for one of the At-Large members on the Colorado Young Democrats Board. Looking forward to serving if elected.

Four years ago, I was in a student leadership retreat trying to find my voice as a student. I was told that Manual High School would be forced to co-locate due to low enrollment. School Board Member - Happy Haynes said “This decision has already been made by the School Board and you all need to tell your peers this is happening.” I didn’t agree with this so I stood up and asked “How do we get a student on the School Board to represent our voices.” She replied “You need to be 18 years old and run like the rest of us.”

Now, four years have passed and I have now been elected to replace Happy Haynes on the Denver School Board. I am a DPS educator, community organizer, and DPS graduate.

My entire career has been about serving the people of Colorado – I have served in leadership roles in the Colorado Democratic Party, gun violence prevention boards, and in the Colorado House of Representatives. In the future, my plans are to follow in the footsteps of my grandmother and become a teacher at my alma mater Manual High School.

Braeden Miguel

I want to declare my interest in being an At Large Member and Leader for the State Colorado Young Democrats. I have participated at both the local level, state, and national level and would like to continue to do so! With a leadership position I believe I can bring innovation, positive energy, and fun to working to inspire and organize people towards winning elections and pro-people policy!

I have learned a lot about how innovation, technology, and people power can be used to make change. Especially now with Covid we need a new set of tools to stay resilient and have impact. Luckily we are some of the first digital natives! If someone may be able to figure out how to organize and win in a time of a pandemic it would be the young people! I have many ideas of how to do this but I also believe our first priority should be a new infrastructure, organization, and roles. In my experience with grassroots organizations and the startup world I believe I bring expertise in this area. With that I believe our state could be a model for other Young Democrat groups and promote youthful debate, activation, and more! Let’s build energy this summer to make sure we can get a seat at the table and win many important races this year!

Ruth Baranowski

Hello, my name is Ruth Baranowski and I am running for an at-large positions for the executive board of the Colorado Young Democrats. My background in politics is shorter than most, but I believe that serving as the Jefferson County Young Democrats Vice President for two terms, a PCP and Captain in my House District for the last four years, working digital for three campaigns, and currently serving as Secretary of JeffCo Dems and as Southwest Regional Director for the Young Democrats of America, has given me a sound foundation from which to run from.

It’s 2020, we are faced with an economic disaster for the second time in our lives; a global pandemic and an election year of some significance to our Nation and our State. Now, is the time to connect with local chapters, ensure that our youth leaders have the resources they need to be an impactful force in these elections. Now, is the time to open communications with our sibling organizations, Colorado College Democrats and Colorado High School Democrats, to learn from each other and amplify our collective voices.

I plan to work with our local chapters ensuring that they have access to the tools and resources they need to fundraise and build capacity; to empower the Advisory Board as a way to increase participation of chapter leaders at the State level. I plan to ensure that the Board is using all available technologies and resources of the State Party, to hold virtual trainings that are useful and accessible to all Chapters. I plan to work with my fellow board members on a stronger Chapter Building Guide and implement transition planning for the Board.

I believe strongly in the Democratic Party Platform that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls and that we are stronger together. Together we can empower young people and together we can lift the diverse voice of our generation and the generations that come after us.

Larry Thompson

I started my political journey 3 years ago in the state of Mississippi. I began as an organizing creator. I created the first Young Democratic Party of my County, immediately garnishing 15 members upon my announcement of creation in an area of Mississippi that was disconnected from the roots of Politics. By creating this organization, it immediately invoked awareness throughout the state. I then immediately, ran for the state of Mississippi Young Democrats 3rd Congressional District Representative. I won this position against the incumbent position holder. Why? It wasn’t because he wasn’t a great leader. He was an elected official over the second largest city in MS. What propelled me was my ambition to represent everyone with a voice that was unrivaled and unapologetic.

I moved to Colorado a year later, not to abandon what was created, but what was created inside of me was a vision that My home could not assist in helping transpire. I got my first taste of Colorado through the eyes of the youth of Montbello working with the non-profit NSBE (National Society for Black Engineers). Connecting with the community, meeting with the people, and experiencing something so different from the culture I was used to, revealed a greater fate for myself. I saw Colorado as home. Every since then, I’ve clawed my way from a population of 98 of Montrose, Ms to a vast land of Centennial, Co which is apart of the Metro Area, over 1 millon+ Residents in which I’m ready to share my experiences. These experiences can continue to guide and inspire those in desolate ideological position as well as those that want to strong, opened, disciplined leadership.

I’ve serviced my community for 10+ years through philanthropic deeds of mentoring, inspiring, teaching, and engaging with the youth of tomorrow.

I’m currently on the city of Littleton 2020 advisory committee, member of the African American Initiative of Colorado Democrats, Colorado People’s Action, as well as former candidate for HD38. I look to push the party forward as the leading state for the Young Democratic Party of America.

Candidates for National Committee Person

Caitlyn Libby

I am writing to inform the Colorado Young Democrats State Board of my intention to run for the open National Committee Position position. I am a previous two-term El Paso County Young Democrat Board Member, a trained Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staffer, a member of the Women’s Lobby of Colorado, and a current Campaign Manager for a Colorado state senate seat. I have more than 5 years of experience in democratic politics and I am seasoned with national, state, and county by-laws of the democratic party.

I am a strong organizer who is trained in targeting and messaging strategies to turn out even the most unlikely democratic supporters. In 2018, I was Rep. Tom Sullivan’s Field Director for his historic win. I am no stranger to strong fundraising, I raised $30,000 in the first two quarters of a democratic candidate running for State House announcing his run. And lastly, I know how to be scrappy and use resources with the most integrity.

I intend to win this position and take my experience of organizing, fundraising, and expanding the democratic base to aid the CYD in becoming a robust, nationally recognized chapter.

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Voting is open between 9:00 AM May 29th and 11:59 PM May 31st. Click here to cast your ballot.