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Biden has called for the immediate passage of Congressman Bobby Scott’s SAFE Justice Act, an evidence-based, comprehensive bill to reform the criminal justice system. Additionally, he wants to:

  • Expand federal funding for mental health and substance use disorder services and research.
  • Eliminate the death penalty
  • Eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing
  • End cash ball
  • Decriminalize cannabis and automatically expunge all prior cannabis use convictions.

Criminal Justice


While Trump did, in fact, sign into law the First Step Act – the product of years of advocacy by people across the aisle – he also proudly calls himself the “LAW & ORDER PRESIDENT” (all caps, always).

Per Vox, “Trump’s second-term agenda makes zero mention of any kind of criminal justice reform, whether for incarceration or policing.

Instead, one section, titled “DEFEND OUR POLICE,” promises more police officers, stricter penalties for assaults on cops, prosecuting drive-by shootings as domestic terrorism, going after “Violent Extremist Groups like ANTIFA, “and reversing reforms to end cash bail”.

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