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Friendship Chapter

State Template Page


Chapter Overview

This is primarily a template page!

By having this page online we can keep up to date what pages look like, the requirements we need to get your chapter up on our site, and gives us a place to play with and share with our chapters.


Please email and cc our tech chair Braeden at

What We Need to create a page is:

- Chapter Title and Sub Title (Up to 14 Words)

- 250 x250 pixel photo, (I can use a temp pic if needed)

- Chapter Overview with info on geography or focus you find is helpful. Additionally things like on subcommittees, officer names, outreach emails, sign up forms, and any other helpful info, socials, or links.

- We can even create a special subsection if helpful for local endorsements, highlights, or positions. See below;  need title and body text for each subsection.

- To integrate Google Calendar we need an embed code for a public calendar

Chapter Endorsements

This is a template subsection to offer more flexibility to highlight topics .  For example we could list all the ballot topics and candidates we support in a list.

Community Events and Shares
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