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2023 CYD Candidates

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Thank you to those that decided to run for the executive board this year! The details for each candidate are below.

Starting this year elections are between CYD managing members which you can learn more about here: CYD Membership . Those who are verified as managing members will be sent the voting link - votes must be in by 5pm on Saturday April 29th.

2023 Candidates


Chris Davis (They/Them)

When I first got involved with the Democratic Party, I actively avoided the Young Dems because they had a reputation for being a bunch of "do-nothings." Since I got involved as the Chair of the Arapahoe County Young Dems, I have been working to change that perception. Thus, I would like to continue on as Chair of the Colorado Young Democrats.

The Democratic Party can embody more justice, inclusion, and change by allowing party initiatives to take on a greater leadership role in the party. This includes supporting the right of initiatives in the party to make primary endorsements, a guaranteed spot on the state rules committee, and active efforts to advance legislation that young folks care about.

Luis Francisco Vasquez

Hello, I’m Luis Vasquez I’m a campaign worker and community organizer. I have traveled the state, trying to connect rural and Latino communities. I would love to work on expanding Latino outreach program that would engage young folks from across the state.

The Democratic Party can reach out to more young folks, and Latino communities by going to where they are. They can also host more non-transactional events to bring in the new volunteers in fresh faces.

Katherine Garcia (She/Her)

I'm originally from Abilene, Texas where I grew up in an outspoken, self-proclaimed "Texas Democrat" household. My parents taught be to fight against injustice and serve my community while also recognizing my numerous privileges. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2018 and began my career in journalism in Texas then Nebraska. Now, I work as a communication strategist in Denver, and I care deeply about local politics and the creation of more equitable systems and practices in our local, state and federal governments. In the next two years, I would like to offer my skills in strategic communication to increase awareness of the Colorado Young Democrats and its values and become an avid, reliable volunteer to move the organization forward. I plan to find new ways to increase our membership, build trust with our communities and create invaluable connections across the Democratic Party in our state.

The Democratic Party should implement equitable practices internally and speak out against the systems of white supremacy rooted in our state and nation. Dems shouldn't assume our LGBTQ+, BIPOC and Asian American communities are aligned with party values. We have a responsibility to create authentic messaging, recognize racial injustice and have meaningful dialogue through our work. We should host more listening sessions and public events in order to build trust in our communities.

Write In Candidates

These submissions were sent in after our April 21st deadline. If you would like to be considered as a write in candidate please fill out our form and email with the tagline "Write In CYD Candidate"


Vallerie Bustamante Lazos

I am a Denver native, first gen Latina, and a mom to a beautiful baby. I listed those three attributes because I believe that they are my core perspectives as I’ve worked through pushing progressive and innovative projects and campaigns to benefit our community. I am currently a Digital Organizing Manager at a non-profit that specializes in education policy, but through that, I have been able to dive into other important issues in our ecosystem, such as youth Justice, immigration reform, housing policy, and work-place rights. I am running to be a CYD Executive Board member because I see and know the difference young Coloradans have had and can have in legislation as well as the overall impact we have for our Democratic champions and their decisions. In the next two years, I would love to expand the access of CYD for our most marginalized youth, among other things. I believe awareness is key and unfortunately youth in Colorado are not exposed to the great opportunities CYD can offer.

One way I think the Dem Party can embody justice, inclusion and needed change in their work and efforts is to establish a language Justice policy throughout each institution. Language Justice is the practice of ensuring anyone can communicate and understand in the language of their heart and not any dominant language. I believe we never hear from certain groups of people due to a language barrier, but we should fight for the right to speak and uplift voices no matter the language spoken.

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