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2023 County and State Party Reorg is Here!

1) Local Areas Hold "Reorg" Meetings in Odd Years - People Can Run For Different Positions

2)County and Multi County Leaders From Even Years Than Vote in Representation and Leaders for the County, Region, and State Party.

3) Some of those positions are State Central Bonus Members - A Great Place to Get Involved and Increase Youth Voice in Party

4) State Central Bonus Members normally have 3-4 Meetings a year and can spend more time working with different teams on things like rules, platform, and outreach. The State Party Reorg is one of those meetings where this year on April 1st (sure to be no jokes) we elect New State Party Leadership!

5) So are you Interested?

Attending or sending in letters to run in your County and Multi County areas is a great place to get more involved. You won't be doing it alone either as our team is happy to answer questions and help along the way! Send us a message through our website with questions!

More and Up to date Information Here From State Party:

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