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CYD Official Response to the Supreme Court's Reversal of Roe V. Wade

On June 26, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court officially reversed Roe v. Wade, declaring that the constitutional right to abortion, upheld for nearly a half-century, will no longer exist.

The Colorado Young Democrats (CYD) acknowledges and shares in the emotional, physical, and financial distress this decision will thrust upon people across the United States. We further recognize the hypocrisy of Republican ideologies in that their crusade against abortion access is not about saving lives but rather about stripping individuals of their rights to bodily autonomy and healthcare. This decision only allows for state legislatures to pass or uphold laws that force women, cisgender, and transgender people into potentially devastating and dangerous situations.

Colorado is likely to remain one of the only states in the region to protect abortion access through the Democratically sponsored and now adopted Reproductive Health Equity Act. This law guarantees that individuals will have access to reproductive care and that a pregnant person has the right to terminate a pregnancy. CYD welcomes anyone in need of support with affordable healthcare options, abortions, and/or maternal care services to our state.

CYD asks that every person who has felt outrage, fear, and frustration over the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling look to get involved. We invite all young people across the state to join Colorado Young Democrats as we seek to increase voter turnout and support the election of true representatives. Voter engagement in the political process is crucial in order to ensure that elected officials represent the will of the people and to prevent a vocal minority from having an outsized influence.

Furthermore, CYD stands firmly in support of organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Colorado Doula Project as they continue to aid those in need of their healthcare services during this unprecedented time. We will amplify efforts by sharing as and when we learn of more resources or opportunities for volunteerism. Most importantly, we will not allow our anger to fade into apathy but instead use it to fuel our action.

With much love and peace,

Colorado Young Democrats Chair, Chris Davis, Arapahoe County

First Vice-Chair, Jasmin Ramirez, Garfield County

Vice-Chair of Communications/Personal Advocacy, Lindsay Saunders-Velez, Denver County

Vice-Chair of Electoral Organizing, Alex Galeana, Denver County

Vice-Chair of Technology, Braeden Miguel, Douglas County

Vice-Chair of Events, Jeeva Senthilnathan, Jefferson County

Secretary, Tara Chatterjee, Arapahoe County

Treasurer, Caitlyn Libby, Denver County

National Committee Person, Sean Gelson, Adams County


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