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Jasmin Ramirez

First Vice Chair

Jasmin Ramirez is the founder and CEO of Ramirez and Company Consulting, a WOC-owned firm in rural Colorado comprised of POC consulting on various topics, including community engagement and leadership training. Jasmin was elected in November of 2019 to the Roaring Fork Schools Board of Education, where almost 60% of students are Latino. She graduated from Glenwood Springs High School, the high school in her district, and is a first-generation college graduate. She is the proud daughter and wife of immigrants.

Jasmin began her professional career in college as a full-time employee and student on campus. She was elected Student Body President of Cerritos College, a student body of more than 25,000 students, and was the first Latina to be elected in a decade. In 2013 she made her way back to Colorado and began her teaching career in Early Education.

Jasmin is the CASB delegate for the Roaring Fork Schools for the Colorado Association of School Boards. In 2020, she was accepted to the School Board Partners fellowship, a cohort of nationwide elected school board leaders committed to improving student outcomes and anti-racist policies. During the pandemic, she returned to school and received a Certificate in Education Finance from The McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University.

In 2021, Jasmin was appointed by the Colorado Governor to serve on the Early Childhood Leadership Commission, Colorado’s federally- authorized state advisory council for early childhood. She also serves as a Commissioner on the Parks and Recreation Committee for Glenwood Springs and as a Board Member for the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition and 5Point Film. She resides in Glenwood Springs with her husband and children and supports public libraries and access to the outdoors.

(970) 319 - 9016

Jasmin Ramirez
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