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Colorado Young Dem March Update 2024

Welcome to Spring and the time change! Here ye here ye longer days! :)

Scroll down for event information and where to start if interested in getting a Job with the Biden Harris or coordinated campaign here in Colorado! This first section is a recap of changes since start of year!


I apologize on the delay in updates as we had a number of quick moving changes and work from the state party we have had to adjust to. We are working alongside them to figure it out, pressing on, and excited about the interest in youth engagement and activation this year!

I will get to what happened shortly but I wanted to connect again with how important the youth vote is to winning elections and improving society. Some part of that is the percent of America youth are now and also how young people often can bring more imagination, empathy, and optimistic energy to tough situations. That said the many brackets of youth 16-35 that we cover have unique differences and sentiment with the issues they are facing and how they feel about the party. Our org sees that and is motivated to understand and fight to improve of the lives and future of that full spectrum of people! In a push to understand and spread information on this we have begun a CYD Issues Survey to better understand and fight for youth priorities! Okay, so the first change we have had to adapt to is the new state party neutrality rules. These rules move forward many important goals and fair procedures to help our primary and campaign process. One part that affected our Executive Board was that some of our state body officers working on primary campaigns had to take a leave of absence till the primary was decided. We feel this part should be looked at more in the future as how it affects young people whose entry into work in politics is often through primary campaigns.

So here we are that I, Braeden Miguel, have become chair and been working to step into leading the org, fill our board, and continue moving forward our goals this year! We are happy for our officers in being able to support candidates they are passionate about AND for them to rejoin after the primary is up!

The second thing we have had to put time into is our Obama Gala After Party. There was a venue change for the Obama Gala and than we had to change our venue to match the new location. Event planning is swell but not when juggling multiple changes and a small deadline. The team working on it believes we have something cool together so I am happy even if had to miss out on some rest here and there. Check out our blog post for more details!

Now we have a full update for year complete in time for spring! We are working with young dem chapters across state, planning ahead, working to fundraise to support youth organizing/events, and learning about what the election cycle will be like this year! We know nationally eyes are on us and be multiple opportunities coming our way to impress people! Together let us make progress in youth organizing and win elections this year!


March Events And Shout Outs

Sharing info on the first ever Colorado DemFest! Colorado DemFest will be a free all-day event to build community and momentum for the year. Inspired by the determination, organization, and success of labor unions across the country, Colorado DemFest will be a chance to learn and connect with Labor. In the spirit of organizing, it will be a fun day filled with meet and greets with your elected officials, candidates and some special surprises along the way.

WHAT: DEMFEST WHEN: SATURDAY, MARCH 23 | All Day (Activities 8am-3pm) WHERE: DENVER, CO Seawell Ballroom, DCPA

Link To More Information and Tickets

Team Event Highlight:

Also happening March 23rd in the evening, in a beautiful art studio space, we are able to host over 100 people together to help showcase youth leaders and fundraise for youth activation in the party! We will bring over elected officials and candidates to meet with youth leaders and organizers in the state! Event Details with ticket and CYD members get in for free!

You do not need ticket to Obama Gala to participate!

WHAT: Dem Youth Rising Obama Gala After Party WHEN: SATURDAY, MARCH 23 (9pm - 12:30pm) WHERE: Info With TIcket


Getting Work With Biden For President, Coordinated Campaign, or Youth Engagement Roles

Till Next Update!!

Braeden and CYD Team!

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